Genia Polyakov has been with us for a long time, generously dispensing his physical and intellectual energies in transmitting dance. He taught us the art of dance through extreme rigor — facing the technical difficulties with intelligence, seeking a pure and precise movement without frills — but also through joy and frivolity, abandoning stereotypes with a mad lightness. Through him we all managed to express the best of ourselves, experimenting a lot and finding our personal way of dancing.

For us he was, and will forever be, the Master.

It is from this feeling of esteem and gratitude that the “Evgenij Polyakov” Association takes form. The idea is to keep alive the memory of a man and artist, continuing to add value to his precious work as a dancer, teacher and choreographer within the dance world. We are actually trying to research and preserve the existing material (photos, writings, audio and video), collecting facts and to realise/diffuse/promote initiatives… all this in order to continue what was his human and artistic itinerary.

If this is possible, we owe it to Vladimir Kara, a French-Russian painter and set designer and our Honorary President, deeply attached to our Maestro: from the beginning, he encouraged us in this adventure, following us in all our projects.

Our wish is to share this project with anyone who had the luck of meeting Genia, appreciating his huge value. Anyone who recognises in himself the “sign” can help ensure that the precious heritage of the Master Polyakov is maintained over time, and can be passed on.

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