At 10:30 am
Evgenij Polyakov director: a kind determination

Welcome greetings:
• Cristiano Chiarot, Director of the Fondazione Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
• Enrica Pontesilli, President of the Associazione “Evgenij Polyakov”

• Mauro Conti, musicologist: Angelus Novus – Remembrance of a project remained in a drawer
• Caris Ienco, dance critic: The MaggioDanza of Evgeni Polyakov, between innovation and tradition (1988-1995)
• Massimo Moricone, choreographer: Innovative Polyakov
• Enrica Pontesilli, soloist: Kindly forward

Musical actions:
• Francesco Novelli, piano


At 15:00 pm
Evgenij Polyakov choreographer – La Ronde: the circle closes between eros and loneliness

• Matteo D’Amico, composer: The choreographer and the composer
• Raffaella Renzi, principal and ballet master: Choreographies and new approaches to classics
• Piero Rocchetti, soloist and ballet master: Polyakov and the Ballet Corps, female and male
• Sabrina Vitangeli, principal and ballet master: Building and Growing a Role with Polyakov
• Francesco Zito, set and costume designer: From Venice to La Ronde

Musical actions:
• Francesco Novelli, piano
• Giulia Novelli, cello

W. Edwin Rosasco, music and dance critic


Video projections by Enrica Pontesilli, Silvia Brioschi, Vincenzo Petito

Numbered copies of the book
altre coreografie – Ed. NOVALIS – December 1996
born from a project of Maestro Polyakov and his collaboration with the photographer Stefano Stagni, will be available at the Theater Bookshop


website Friends of Genia Polyakov

Simona Modesto, graphic designer
Vincenzo Petito, web developer

Design and artistic organization:
Enrica Pontesilli and Silvia Brioschi


Technical collaboration:
Simona Modesto and Vincenzo Petito


The Associazione “Evgenij Polyakov” thanks the Fondazione Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, especially the Director of the Theater Cristiano Chiarot, the Director of cultural promotion Giovanni Vitali and Annalena Aranguren. Many thanks also to Vladimir Kara, author of the video Genia Polyakov, Master of Ballet, Choreographer. We would also like to thank Andrea Grandoni, Silvia Pollini, Stefano Stagni, Alberto Testa, Alessandra Tribotti and Silvia Venturi. And for the kind permission of some videos: Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Elisa Guzzo Vaccarino, Daniela and Laura Vecchi, Sabrina Vitangeli.


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Associazione “Evgenij Polyakov” / Fondazione Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
November 11, 2017 • Teatro del Maggio

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