Ricordi e affetti per Genia Polyakov

Cinema “La Compagnia” – Fondazione Sistema Toscana

On October 23, at the Cinema “La Compagnia”, the second 25 year without Genia Polyakov appointment took place. Our sincere thanks to all speakers, who was a real pleasure to listen to, as well as to the audience, to the Fondazione Sistema Toscana and to the Cinema “La Compagnia”, particularly to Francesco Palumbo, Stefania Ippoliti, Camilla Toschi, Lilith Gianelle, Eleonora Piquereddu, Emilio Bagnasco, Francesco Cappellini and all other technicians.
Thanks also to Andrea Baggio for the editing of the videos that made up the movie “Parliamo di Genia”, to our photographer friends, to our collaborators and to all those who have allowed us to publish the photos.

Our gratitude also to the donors and to all our members who supported us.

The Hall
Final arrangements

Guests, audience, organizers and members

Moderator and guests

The end

Dinner at Skipper’s

Courtesy and property of Silvia Pollini (official photographer), Savina Marasi, Luigi Repetto and Edwin Rosasco


Video of the first part of the meeting at “La Compagnia”
Francesco Cappellini videomaker

In the second part of the meeting, screening of the film by Vladimir Kara
Génia Polyakov, maître de ballet, chorégraphe