When you go to the theatre, the stage is its center. That is the place for the representation of the work, dreams and life — told for how it is, or how it is supposed, or not, to be.
There is the stage, but also the foyer, where the public can meet, speak, discuss and share their passion and enthusiasm. This is the place where each personal love for dance, music or theatre, leads one to think and comment about what was just seen and heard. Souls are alive, truths multiply, and hearts stand closer.
The performance we are commenting on here in our foyer is “Genia, our friend, our Master”, together with his art, his dedication to dance, his love for beauty and the deep sign he left to all the lucky people who met, lived, joked, suffered and worked with him. This is an open platform that allows anyone to express truths and memories about the Master — sharing them with all the other people that loved him, admired him and kept forever inside his unforgettable example.
Between one act and another, so… we all meet in the foyer with everyone’s memories, thoughts, episodes of the beautiful moments spent with him. If you are interested in participating, please write to us at: foyer@ae-polyakov.eu.